Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scarf into Pants

Hello gehls and boyz, probably mostly girls... WELL I, have become obsessed with D.I.Y's lately. I was praying I wouldn't ruin this lovely scarf my mom gave me for Christmas...but I thought it would look super cute as a pair of pajama/lounge-around-ish pants. Considering the material is practically see-thru, I didn't think they could pass as just regular old pants.

ANYWAY, super excited about this DIY

Number 1: Materials you will need

A. Scarf (of a cool pattern if you have one), or you could buy an inexpensive one at a store like F21
B. Some sort of elastic band-type-thing. I found this old sweat band that I never use.. probably because I workout like once a year. But yeah, something like that! Or you could be smart and go buy like the actual elastic they put in pants at like a fabric store.
C. Scissors
D. Thread
E. This is a lot of letters
F. Pins & Needles
G. A measuring device

Then I chose to use an old pair of pajama pants as my guide for cutting! As you can tell these are very old...

 place your pajama pants on top of the scarf, pin it in place, and start to cut. Make sure to leave a little bit of extra space.

Take a little break...

Then get ta sewin' 

And, this is the finished product.

Sorry about the gross dorm bathroom floors.
I work with what I have..

And the back!

Again, sorry for it being so see-thru

Welp, Hope you enjoyed!
 Now go make some scarf pants!


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