Saturday, February 23, 2013

5 minute DIY Wire Wrapped Necklace

Hello world, hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday! :) Mine was pretty fun! Besides waking up around 1 PM, the rest of my day was pretty productive. 

This DIY literally took me five minutes, no lie. I love the wire wrapped necklaces that I'm seeing everywhere and all the colorful stones that are used...

So today I went and picked up some cheap materials from Hobby Lobby, and with inspiration from a Brandy Melville necklace (pictured below on Gabby Werre,) I decided to make my own..


Wire (gold/silver)

I loved this stone & thought it would look great with gold wire..

wrap the wire around the stone

Here I just made a loop with the wire and then attempted to wrap the remaining wire around to secure it... could've turned out better...kinda just looks like a knot 

Then string the chain through... and


It was a little long so I just simply cut the chain

Thanks loves,

come back for more soon :)

The Wonderful Gabby Werre
Brandy Melville Necklace

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