Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lace Front Sweater

Everybody loves Free People clothes, right?

 Well I saw this lace front sweater on their website a while ago and I fell in love with it!! But instead of paying like $120, I decided I'd just make my own. It honestly looked like they just slapped a piece of lace fabric on the front of a grey sweater, so..not too hard. Plus I already had the lace AND the sweater!!!

So here's how it turned out...

My version 
Free People

Materials you may need:

1. A sewing machine
2. A grey sweater (mine was cropped & it turned out really cute)
3. Lace Fabric (can purchase at any fabric store)
4. Scissors
5. Pins (very important)

Btw I got this sewing machine in the mail today..........and i died.

This sweater is from Pacsun. They always have cute cropped sweaters

So I just laid the fabric out over the sweater like this 

 and pinned it in place along the seams on the front

Make sure that the sweater is laying as straight as possible so the lace fabric matches up to it evenly. If one of the two fabrics is bunched up in one spot, it won't work.

Then I just sewed along the seams, took all the pins out and trimmed up the edges to finish it off! 

Super easy!

Thanks guys!
XXX, Lots of LOVE

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  1. Wow! That looks absolutely brilliant and so easy to make! You can't tell much difference between the two sweaters...