Sunday, February 10, 2013

Redesign Leather Boots

So, I've been MIA due to two exams I had this week and work, ahh! But I'm finally back & updating the my Blog, and I have a fun D.I.Y. for y'all! 

I had these old white cowboy boots I got a couple years ago at a thrift store for like five bucks! I wore them to a concert ONCE and they've been sitting useless in my closet ever since....

So I thought they would work well for a DIY :)

Materials you will need:
1. Old boots
2. GOOD scissors
3. Paint (i used black & got it from Ace Hardware for $4)
4. Brushes (try to use foam, the bristles break off of the other kind)
5. Paint opener
6. Lace & old necklace (optional)

As you can see, these boots are scuffed and in horrible shape..

Tape off the edges of your boot- I recommend using that blue painters tape...but all I had was duck tape. 

The first coat goes on pretty thin

Be sure to dab it really good filling in as many cracks as possible!

Let them try before putting on the second coat. 

I used about 3-4 coats total!

Then comes the scary part!!!!

I cut mine a little longer than I wanted them to be on the first try just to leave room for mistakes!

So I was going to leave them like this. That was my original plan!

I chose black just cause I have so much black in my wardrobe... But you could go for a brighter color, or even make them two toned!!

But I just felt like they were kinda boring, so I wanted to add some extra stuff..

I chose some lace fabric I got for $8.50 at Jo Ann's Fabrics, & this old necklace

And for these last two steps I just simply used super glue.. and got it EVERYWHERE

And that's all, Thanks so much for viewing ! :)

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