Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DIY Crafts for the Apartment

Hi Guys,

            So yesterday I was pinning my life away on Pinterest. I think I spent about 5 hours just browsing; I completely lost track of time!!! But I came across some cool ideas and I wanted to try some of them out!

Since I'm moving into my apartment soon I really wanted to make some cool wall art..

So I bought some canvas and made this painting, and put a flower arrangement together out of some fake flowers and a mason jar.. 

All together I think the two of these projects cost me about $15, if not less!

So, this is how it turned out!

Im going with an all over white theme with hints of subtle color for my room, so I used as much white as possible.

For the painting I simply used a small canvas, 
some sheets of music, letter stickers, mod podge matte finish, a foam brush & white spray paint.

I found all of these things at Michaels
I mod podge-glued the music sheets to the canvas, let it completely dry and put my stickers on

For the second project I also found most of my materials at Michaels

White flowers, a mason jar, & marble rocks

The hemp string (i think thats what its called) actually came wrapped around the flowers so I just untied it and put it around the mason jar... I thought it looked prettier this way..

Then just added my marbles & it's a cute little flower bouquet you can put on your desk, coffee table or nightstand!

These cute little flower arrangements run for around $15-$30 depending on where you buy them. I know Pier One has really cute ones but charges like $50 for them.....and altogether this cost me $6!! So i definitely recommend making one yourself! :)

Thanks for viewing :)


I also glued some paper onto this lamp shade just to make it cute, so here's all three of them together.

I don't move in for another month, but I can't wait to add these to my room! 

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