Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Easy DIY graphic tee


Hey Guys!

              Super easy DIY- GRAPHIC TEE'S!!! (inspired by thefashioncitizen- you can find their video tutorial on YouTube) These tops are everywhere from Wildfox to Topshop, to Brandy Melville and UO. Instead of paying $30- $70+, I thought it'd be much cheaper to just make one!

So I think they turned out pretty cute.... 
I only made two, but here's the finished product and the "How To" below

Materials you need

1. Tshirts (cropped or not)... I got these at Rue21 for about $6 ea.
2. Seam ripper (if you plan to take the pockets off like I did)
3. Transfer Paper (found at Jo-ann's or Hancock fabrics) about $10
4. A computer, and a printer
5. Iron
5. Scissors (if you want to make a crop top)

First I took the small pockets off of the shirt with a seam ripper

Next I found two images I liked from google: lips and a pineapple and printed them off using the printing paper. BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT COME WITH THE PAPER EXACTLY!!! very important. I wasted a couple sheets of paper because I didn't follow the directions well enough

Then you Iron on the pictures (also shown in the directions that comes with the transfer paper)

Then you're done!!! If you want to crop the tops you can cut them. I would be sure to put the picture on before you try and cut the shirt though, that way you are sure to have enough room.

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    this is such a cool idea and i need to do this as they look such high quality and yet it looked so simple, thanks!

  2. Hi what paper will i use for printing? Is it the transfer paper or the printing paper?

  3. Simple but brilliant, love it!