Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pretty Little Things

Crafting is getting really addicting. Especially considering all the money I'm saving! There really are so many things you can make instead of buying and save yourself so much money. Plus it's unique and designed especially to your liking.

Anyway, I got this idea from tumblr and I wanted to try it. I didn't want to buy toothbrush and makeup holders so I found these mason jars in my basement and found some lace I had from a while ago and made these cute little jars.

I thought they would look best in the bathroom.. holding like makeup brushes, lipstick, Q tips or my toothbrush.

Here's the tumblr picture that inspired me..

I'm not sure if the people who made this glued on lace or if it's molded and painted onto the actual glass.... but i simply weaved some hemp onto lace trim and tied it to the top of the jar.

It took about 2 minutes.

I thought they'd look kinda cute in my new bathroom :)

Then I made a beach picture collage out of some canvas
This was a couple days ago but I just thought I'd share. 
I like how it turned out!



  1. you could try ribbon instead of hemp and it could coordinate with your bathroom colors.

  2. What do you have against puffy paint?

  3. If you like the hemp you might try to find some died hemp to match your new bathroom. You definitely gave name an idea so I can use the short narrow lace I have. Thanks. Sandi